Describe in brief about the factors affecting national development?


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National development is affected by a country's political structure, economy, and industry. For example, in a democracy, where everyone votes to elect a leader and representatives, the populace will have more say in a country's direction and development. In a country where a dictator rules over the populace and elections are rigged (or are not held at all), only the leader and his closest cronies will decide how a country develops. However, there is more to national development than political leadership - after all... A country must have the industry and resources to implement changes and improvements that lead to a country's development.

If sufficient tax dollars are in government coffers, initiatives such as free education, free medical care, and social welfare may be implemented to help the people. In poorer nations, these developmental spurs will not be affordable. Therefore, progress in poorer countries is often slower than progress in "developed" countries.

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African nations, such as Nigeria, are not as developed as European nations, such as Holland. Therefore, more work remains to be done, with regard to national development, in poorer, less developed nations like Nigeria. Many African nations are poor; therefore, national development may be reliant on foreign aid, charitable organizations, and donations from wealthy benefactors.

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Studying economics and political science will be a great way to learn more about how national development occurs in various countries. Obviously, there are many variables at play when it comes to a country's pace of progress and development - these may political, financial, social, and so on.

Studying macroeconomics, which deals with the bigger picture of national and world economies, can be an excellent starting point when considering the variables that affect national development.  Taking a course on world history can also be an effective learning tool related to understanding national development through the decades.

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