How would you react if you saw someone bribe the cops?


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If I saw someone bribe the cops, I would feel in a very difficult position. After all, who would you report the crime to, the same cops who are taking money to cover up offenses?

When confronted with such a situation, I would feel like there are three options that I have:

  • Option one
Get in touch with my local media. If I was to get in touch with a newspaper or TV network, there could be a strong chance of my story getting coverage and the cops responsible being brought to account for what they have done. This would result in them being charged and fired for the wrongdoing that they have caused in serious circumstances.

  • Option two
Approaching an impartial body that represents people who believe that the police are not acting in an appropriate manner. Such organizations include Police Abuse in the US (; the Independent Police Complaints Commission in the UK (also known as the IPCC, link found here:; and, the NSW Ombudsman, who handle all examples of misconduct by police in Australia (see for frequently-asked questions about filing a complaint with this organization).

  • Option three
Contact one of the police officer's superiors. If they do not take appropriate action based on the bribery I would have seen, I can then use options one or two in order to ensure that the issue is dealt with satisfactorily.

In my opinion, it would be important to react to evidence of such corruption. If cops have taken bribes before, there is a chance that they could do so again and obstruct justice. What sort of person could stand to the side and watch this happen?

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