Who Was The Father Of The Kray Twins?


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The Kray Twins, Ronald and Reginald were an infamous pair of brothers who dominated the underworld scenario in the UK and especially London in the 1960s. The twins were born on October 24, 1933 at Hoxton in Hackney, London; their parents were Charlie Kray and Violet Lee and they had a brother, also named Charlie who was 6 years older than the twins.

The twins' father Charlie Kray enlisted for the army in World War II times but soon deserted and lived the life of a fugitive for the next 12 years making a living by dealing in gold and silver articles and clothing; the children rarely saw their father and grew up under the care of their mother.

The twins Ronald and Reginald were then in the words of their teacher were exemplary in their conduct, cooperative and helpful especially with people who knew how to handle them properly. The twins developed a love of boxing in their teens, a sport introduced to them by their grandfather Jimmy Lee, and became quite proficient at it.

Their early life before they turned to crime was spent in the military for which they had enlisted in 1952 and where they frequently got in to trouble with the authorities deserting on several occasions only to be caught and reprimanded before eventually being dishonorably discharged from the military.

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