What Is The National Flower Of Spain?


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The National Flower of Spain is the Red Carnation.
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The red Carnation
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Pomegranate is the national flower of Spain i.e. La granada in Spanish. They are red in color, tube shaped and has half inch radius. The pomegranate is a great fruit, not only because it is beautiful, but to eat it is a challenge, it is also known for its religious importance and as a mythical symbol over the centuries. Cultivation of pomegranate first started in Middle East then reached to China, Africa and the Mediterranean.    Spanish colonists brought pomegranate in America after the invasion. It signifies unity because many seeds held together in a single skin. It is a representation of royalty because of its crown. Pomegranate is mentioned in Greek mythology, the Quran, the Bible and in the Torah. In art, the pomegranate is used to describe blossom and also signifies immature and mature states.

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