How many constituent assemblies are there of india?


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There is just the one. The Constituent Assembly of India was initially elected, on popular vote, to go about writing the Indian Constitution. Later, this assembly formed the country's first ever Parliament, turning India into one of today's great democracies.

  • What it is and how it works

The Assembly is much like many other parliaments in other countries, and is filled with indirectly represented members of the parliament, or 'representatives'. When the Assembly wrote the Constitution, it was required to write it on behalf of Bangladesh and Pakistan, which were not separate countries at this point. Once India had achieved its independence, however, the Assembly formed its own parliament and became sovereign in the country in 1947 - making all of this relatively recent in historical terms. The country has very much followed suit with the rest of the world in terms of democracy and government.

The Assembly didn't take long to gain its power. It actually only met for the first ever time in December 1946, in New Delhi. However, it didn't last all that long and the last ever session that the Indian Assembly held was only a few years later, in 1949. The Assembly lasted for just under three years, and in its life span it had held eleven different sessions.

  • Democracy in action

The Assembly was created during the time that India was under British rule. This happened thanks to negotiations between the Cabinet Mission to India and other Indian Leaders all the way back in 1946. Assembly members were elected as a result of this creation, and they were elected by the provincial legislative assembles that were found across India in the large country's many different regions. There were over 200 different representatives in the Assembly (217 members to be precise). 15 of the members at this point were women.

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