Why are there so many apathetic people who are unaware of what's happening in the world around them?


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People prefer to bury their head in the sand, hoping that somehow the problem will just go away.Most of them live for the "now", obsessed with the celebrity culture and the culture of "buy now, pay later".For them the future is always way ahead in the future and blithely hoping everything will be alright.Ignorance is a better option than bliss and partying/shopping/having a good time will always be higher up their list than worrying about what the future holds.
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Because everything on the news and newspapers are negative and they have to stay positive by ignoring all those negativity in the world.
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Joseph Michael Wasik
You get your information from the wrong places. Try the new media. They're telling you to get ready, to get prepared. That's better than continually being hit with all that negativity from the Socialist/Progressive news sources. What do you think?
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Some people like to ignore what is happening, as they find it much easier to pretend that it will not affect them.They prefer to enjoy life while the sun is still shinning. None so blind as those that will not see.
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Tony Newcastle
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None so blind as those with the sun shining full into their eyes, Skywalker.
Tony Newcastle
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Unfortunately I am no longer permitted to respond to comments like that.
But truth will always be found to reside where truth lies, and lies will always be found out.
Ray Ottewell
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Not sure what to make of that comment, as I have told no lies on this site, I have had no reason to, to be quite honest.
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May not be so much they are unaware as they just don't want to know because they are afraid of it and complacent in their lives, and are praying itll just go away soon
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Remember, Joseph, it's NOT global warming.  It's God's way of punishing narrow minded, small hearted, bigoted, discriminatory,  intolerant people with hatred and loathing in their hearts.  The lion will probably lay down beside the lamb before the Republicans realize their responsibility to all Americans, not just the ones that bought them.
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With the progression of technology , I believe from seeing natural disasters , b-movies ,images on the net ETC. Mankind has become numb to a lot of things that happened 100 years ago but we did not see as much. With the six o'clock news focusing every day on the negative we become immune to the plight of our fellow humans unless it someway affects us directly.  I have no facts or study's to site, just the opinion of an uneducated hillbilly prone to a rambling mind.
                                                      Live Well.
P.S. Not all of us are unaware that a storm is coming.

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