What Do You Get A Man For Christmas Who Swears He Wants Nothing And Has Everything Essential He Needs?


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Kate Richardson answered
1. What he wants; nothing

2. Use the money to sponsor a child, change from using coal power for electricity (a non-renewable green house gas emitting energy source) to using 100% renewable energy that doesn't contribute to green house gasses like solar or wind power, make a donation to a charity in his name, etc.

3. My 50 year old father fits into the catagory you mentioned, I have bought him a palm-sized remote control hellicopter this year. You generally can't go wrong with toys and gadgets, take a look at www.thinkgeek.com. I found the hellicopter on Think Geek, but found it for half the price on E-bay, so remember to search E-bay for a better price before you buy anything!

4. Rather than something physical what about something like, concert tickets, Gold Glass cinema tickets, a V8 supercar driving day (where you get to drive a V8 supercar around an actual racing circut and stuff), etc.

5. He might say he doesn't want anything, but does he ever eye off things that other people have when at their houses?

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