Do You Know Someone Who Is Often Angry, Miserable And Depressed? Is He Or She A Democrat?


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I know plenty of people who are angry, miserable or depressed a lot of the time.

A couple of them are also democrats, although I hardly consider this a true test of whether democrats tend to be more unhappy.

In truth though, studies have found that liberals are more likely to be unhappy, with moderate liberals being the most unhappy sector in the political spectrum.

The most unhappy political group in America

It might seem like an unusual question (I mean how do you really figure out how unhappy an entire political group is?), but I was surprised to find out that there is actually a whole bunch of research on the topic of happiness and its link to political ideology.

One report you may want to have a quick read into is the Pew Report 'Are We Happy Yet?'
According to this piece of research, conservative Republicans are more likely to consider themselves 'happy with life' (68% of them attest to this), whilst liberal-minded Democrats tend to be less impressed with life.

Why are democrats so grumpy? The reasoning behind these figures is still a mystery - although Conservatives like to think that the following factors might have something to do with it:

  • Conservatives are more likely to be married (53% of them are, compared to only 33% of Democrats)
  • Conservatives are more likely to be religious (43% of Republicans consider themselves religious, 23% of Democrats do too).
Excluding factors such as income, it is highly possible that marriage and faith could be the two greatest 'opiates of the people'.

On the other hand, Democrats argue that Republicans are only happier because they are less-affected by the plight and struggling of others.

They say that these figures prove just how out-of-touch Republicans are with the world around them- rather than being all about a sense of inherit optimism.

One final interesting piece of information is that extremists tend to be the happiest of the lot on either side of politics.

Extreme conservatives and extreme liberals are thought to be the happiest groups, with moderates in both camps being less happy.

So perhaps happiness and political conviction go hand in hand!
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What kind of fox TV question is this?

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This is Joseph Michael Wasik. A tea party member and virulent anti liberal. You'll find a number of his questions on here, many in the same vein. You can google him anyway and find more such nonsense. He owns a small general store,
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I would say Obama is already there and will really be depressed in about 15 months along with Pelosi and Clinton, but they only have themselves to blame here!
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Yep! And the Democrats are depressed because they just can't understand why America doesn't want Socialism spreading rampant throughout the nation.
The first prerequisite of a liberal is to be woefully misinformed.

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