It seems the youth today are dumber and more naive then ever! Not that I think I know it all or anything but they think they have experienced enough to make it in the real world when actually they haven't even scratched the surface. Sound familiar?


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That's basically a rite of passage. As I was called a snot-nosed know- it-all a while back lol.It's a case of trying to be hip and mature and trying to look cool in front of their peers.But it's a facade, as we had a couple of students working the office over the summer who tried to "lord it over" some of the secretaries.They were swiftly brought down to earth when one couldn't work the photocopier and the other the coffee machine.Proof that age does have its advantages !
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This is very biased , you are an adult (so am I) we are bound to say that however I am a man of respect and I shall say that not ALL Teens are like that , some teens actually have been through a lot , we are forever putting these teens down "oh its easier for you kids" do you have any idea what it does to their self esteem? :) I agree some of them complain about life and you sit there shocked at them , they are so lucky but don't know it , but they're young give them a break. You weren't wise when you were young so neither are they. :) And its not all their fault , its the generation they're in , they don't control it.
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Things are changing, and what you need to know for the future are changing as well as how you learn those things. Actually its been that way for many generations (the previous one complaining about the younger one. Your generation is getting left in the dust and one day so will most of our generation. The few who will live on are those who acknowledge progress instead of trying to rationalize it away. Every thing we know will change, accept it and go with it.  Live to see enough generations or learn about it from those who lived it and you will see what I said.
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Every teenager does this until they become an adult and somehow everything they thought they knew as a teenager appears to fly out the window
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Maybe it's not all our fault, but also a bit of your generations fault. An example of this would be the march 2011 essay prompt on reality tv. Honestly how is reality tv going to do anything for us and why would you guys ask such a strange question in the first place? It also has to do with other things though like texting and cultural influences from society which could contribute to the way we are perceived. 8) hope this helped.
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Not really but.. Thanks anyway. Here's my beef with young people. They are growing up in a technological world. They have access to the internet and therefore think they know it all. Even on sites like this one. Kids are giving grown folks life advice. I mean C'mon! You haven't lived 1/3 of your life yet and your trying to give life advice to a grown person? It just makes them appear like a "know it all" wanna be...and irritates me A LOT!
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I see your point but I am one of those younger people who does give life advice to people older than me. Strangely enough, I have found myself right a number of times and able to help just by using what seemed logical, but I know there were times when I was wrong as well. I guess it depends how you look at it in the end.
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Age discrimination here , if an adult cannot think for himself then hows it the teens problem? Lol :)

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