Under ObamaCare, the makers of artificial hips and knees will cut 5% of its workforce. Why?


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Which company is this? What reasons did they give? Have you quit the JD yet?
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Insurance companies are refusing more of these operations down now due to rising costs from Obamacare so there isn't as much a demand anymore  or right now for artificial parts. For example I was scheduled to have my left knee replaced next spring and then it went to Dec 8th and as of last Thursday its now this coming Tuesday and when we checked the Surgeons office told us that many elders are being refused this operation now in thanks to Obamacare so many cancellations are happening worldwide
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Joseph Michael Wasik
Hadn't heard that.before. Don't get anything else in your old age. They'll give you a pill and say, your troubles will soon be over
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In my case my friend, I wish it was all over with so I wouldnt have to deal with this pain, sut hopefully this will eliminate some of the leg pain and the effects its doing to where my back is still broken but also am waiting for W/C to okay installing electronic nerve stimulator in my back

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