How come Jane Fonda was hated by many Americans in the 1960's when she was disrespectfully known as "Hanoi Jane", but is now being honored by them as worthy of being included in their Top "100 Women Of The Century"?


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She praised those in command at P.O.W. Camps for treating our American soldiers so well. She shamed America for accusations of mistreatment. The nitwit. I have no clear idea why they would honor her, except to assume that she bought her way in, using Ted Turners money.
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It sounds like a PR stunt by Obama to bag some swaying voters and regain some national appeal.Hanoi Jane's trip to Vietnam for a photo-opportunity with the VC was a shameless publicity stunt.She left her trip until 1972, by which time most of the US troops had already withdrawn from Vietnam, so it was basically a pointless and insignificant gesture.

Had she really wanted to make an impact, she should have gone around the time of the Tet Offensive in '68, when she could have claimed to be doing something useful.But filming Barefoot In The Park and Barbarella was obviously more important.She pretended to be a "left-wing underdog sympathiser", yet ended up marrying moneybags Ted Turner.While her lack of respect for American POWs is well-documented.It's a shameful state of affairs all round.
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Yep the only good thing to come out of Barbarella was how 80s legends Duran Duran got their name.

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