Is it better to pray for or against your gov'ment to make the right decisions? : )


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Janey answered
It's always better to pray for the right decisions to be made by anyone or any government.  You can always ask God to help these people and guide them to make the right decisions anyways.  Putting your faith in God in these issues is always the sensible thing to do.
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Sarah Johnson answered
The scripture says to pray for those in leadership positions over us. The bad decisions they make shows a heart problem, not so much a mind problem. I pray that God's hand would be on them, that He would influence and guide them. And that He would touch their hearts and help them to see their need for Him.
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Ray Ottewell answered
I think it would be better to pray for your government to make the right decisions, but it doesn't matter weather you pray or not. All politicians think they are God anyway, so they won't take any notice of what they see as just our mere creator. To pray for them to make the right decisions is like banging your head against a brick wall.

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