I'm not sure if my girlfriend is over or will ever be over her high school boyfriend who died 11 years ago?


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You may be right here as some people take a very long time moving on and some never do, As cruel as this may sound, you may have to set a date to which you decide whether its worth staying or moving without her as you have your life to live and your own dreams to follow and who knows exactly when she will ever snap out of it. 11 years is an awful long time to grieve over someone especially if he was only a BF and she does need to get over it and get on with her life so now the choice is yours
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You got right when you said shes not quite over him which is admirable for a whil, but 11 years is a little too long now but its all up to you as to how long you are willing to wait for her. You can try and talk to her about this the reasiest way you know how but you need to move on here and nothing will ever bring him back
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Seek some grief counseling for her if you really want things to work out between you two.
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Well its not a constant thing. She's able to talk about him without getting upset. She has gotten upset before since we have been together but 9 times out of 10 she can talk about him without getting sad. It's just that yesterday was the anniversarry of his passing and she was pretty sad. She put a lot on facebook about it and we were at his grave for about 10 minutes and she just stared at it with tears in her eyes...I don't know if this is normal or if she isn't over him as a lover.

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