I Need An Article On "War Settles Nothing", Can Anyone Provide Me Some Material On This Topic?


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Yasir Baqar answered
When I was a child I heard a news that there was a war occurred in some place of world just to get peace there. Since then till now I have been hearing these kind of news. And when I went for search then I found no peace there, except destruction. War only takes life, it can't give someone, life or peace.

Is there anybody who can tell me that how can we dilever peace by killing someone? It is just a game playing by the brutals.

Can any body tell me what is peace??
You can see the situations after 1st and 2nd world war and now, Iraq. Is that called Peace??
War only kills human it can't settle anything.
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Steven Vakula answered
The Middle East is the best example as the countries there have been fighting for thousands of years yet the things they have fought over are still issues of contention today! It did not matter who won because the conflict has never stopped. There must be a change in the thinking process in order to effect change war just makes people mad and hungry for revenge. There are many articles concerning this topic so it should not be difficult to find for your needs.

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