Why Did The Aztecs Believe In Gods?


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Why does anybody believe in a God or Gods? Because A) we've been taught to, and B) we are trying to find answers to why things happen, things that can't be explained otherwise (yet, or maybe never).

It's comforting to think that somewhere out there is a powerful entitty who is organising what happens. This means A) things aren't just chaotic and unpredictable and B) we may be able to appease the God(s) and improve life for ourselves and other people.

It also holds out the possibility that when we die that our existence doesn't just stop. The God(s) may be able to ensure some kind of eternal afterlife, if only we behave in the right way or do the right rituals.

Most religions historically have been based around the idea of there being multiple Gods that managed the universe and human existence. This explained why good and bad things happened. The Aztecs believed in literally in hundreds of Gods, each with their own little domain and range of powers, as did traditional Chinese folk religion and some other faiths.

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