How Many Paedophiles Does The News Of The World Reckon There Are In Britain?


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The Home Office states that the number of persons on the Sex Offenders' Registrar is about 29,000. The number fluctuates over time as people come on and off the Registrar (some names do get removed after a long period).

This contrasts with The News of the World (NotW) claim that the number of convicted paedophiles in Britain is 110,000. The NotW reckons this is 0.7% of adult men in Britain (I reckon it's more like 0.4%, but regardless, still an unhappy number). NotW further states that 35,000 adolescent men have at least been cautioned for sex offenses against the under age. The NotW also argue that a great many paedophiles are never brought to trial, so the "true" figure of British paedophiles might be much larger. They hint at the number being close to a million.

If we go with an estimate 1% of adult males, that suggests that any community with at least 200 adults in it will have at least one resident paedo.

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