Why Is The Doctrine Of Individual Ministerial Accountability Open To Criticism?


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Herein are some of the criticisms I have found, regarding the Doctrine of Individual Ministerial Accountability to Parliament and the public.

1)The large number of resignations of Ministers, forced by decisions stemming from the advice of civil servants who are not held accountable or answerable to Parliament.
2)Some Ministers lack expertise in a given area, this causes them to abdicate their responsibilities to subordinates.
3)Subordinates become scapegoats for some Ministers of departments.
4)Party politics is undermining the Principal of Individual Ministerial responsibility.
5)Some subordinates take advantage of a Minister's lack of knowledge and give politically motivated advice sometimes, leading to forced resignation of the Minister.
6)In some cases no one is held responsible to the public for errors in decision making.
7)Civil servants are not directly accountable or answerable to Parliament for their mistakes, misjudgements or personal political actions.

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