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Druid is a member of an order of priests in ancient Gaul and Britain who appear in Welsh and Irish legend as prophets and sorcerers. Druids are one of an ancient Celtic priesthood appearing in Irish and Welsh sagas and Christian legends as magicians and wizards. Druid name is thought to relate to an oak tree or drus. Also Visit Druid word definition and Usage Examples and Druids Article for a very detailed knowledge on Druids. Also Visit following Blurtit questions:

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Actually, we know very little about the Druids—they never wrote anything down so that when the order died out, everything they taught and had learnt passed away with them.
Many of the popular misconceptions about them date from the fertile imagination of John Aubrey, an historian of the late seventeenth century. Aubrey was fascinated by Stonehenge and he believed that it was the Druids who built it and worshipped there; as very little was known about them at the time and Aubrey had no scientific aids to help him date Stonehenge, it seemed the obvious answer to the mystery. The Order of Druids was started Lip again, and special ceremonies were invented to be performed at Stonehenge on Midsummer Day.

We do know, from the Roman historian Pliny, and from Julius Caesar's account of the Gallic Wars, that, as early as 200 B.C., the Druids were very influential in Celtic society their authority was unquestioned in matters of Jaw and religion, history and natural sciences. Pliny tells us of the religious significance of mistletoe and the importance of the oak irec. Julius Caesar, who was thoroughly a ware of their influence in Britain, naturally enough, was anxious to discredit them: so he is more inclined to tell us of their practice of human sacrifice in times of great disaster and little of their wisdom and learning.
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In response to helpful, what you jsut put there is useless. If you want to learn what a druid is then you must go and find one. The practice of druidry is still very much alive in the pagan religion and culture since it is a life style. All of that stuff that helpful put out is stuff that is found on the internet that scholars and philosophers have put out, those people have no real clue what being a druid or druidry is like, simply because they take everything that they have learned from book by other scholars and philosophers. Find yourself a druid if you are truelly interested in learning about druidry and become an apprentice then you will find out.
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The word Druid has a Latin origin and is taken from the word druidēs. The word druidēs means 'of Celtic origin'. In Welsh and Irish legend, the druids were the people who were considered to be the prophets and the sorcerers. A druid is on eof the member of the priests in Britain and ancient Gaul. Something that relates to druids is addressed as druidic. The druidic practices which consisted of the duties of an arbitrator, healer, and a priest constitute druidiusm.

Mainly the tribal people like the Keltoi and Galatai followed the druidic practices. These tribes were called Celtae and Galli by the Romans and in Modern English these tribes developed as Celtic and Gaulish. The druids followed polytheism. They also worshipped natural elements of nature like the sun, moon, and stars. The druids also worshipped natural elements like the rivers, streams, lakes, hilltops, some groves, oaks and plants.

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