What are merits and demerits of socialism?


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I am not a lover or believer in Socialism so I personally don't think it has any merits .  I know it looks good on paper , that the poor and the under-priveleged should be given a hand in this world to become equal with their more affluent fellow citizens .  However when it comes down to it you cannot lump everyone together under the one umbrella .  Everyone has their place in society of that there is no doubt , and everyone is entitled to a fair days pay for a fair days work .  But to be honest there are some people in society , who are willing to just put their hand out and be given an easy ride , without ever doing a decent days work in their life .  They are the dregs of society , and they pull countries down, with their attitude to life .  No, I have no place for Socialism,  Democracy however , is an entirely different thing .

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