How Do Japanese People Build Houses?


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Japanese houses are generally built by erecting wooden rows on top of a flat surface which is made out of stones or even plywood.

Some houses are built with the ten centimeter flooring laid across horizontal wooden floor beams. This is done in order to avoid the moisture from the ground. The entire house has wooden flooring except for the hall room which is covered by mats called tatami which is made out of woven rush grass. The frame of the houses is made of wood and the weight is controlled or supported by horizontal beams and diagonal braces. The specialty and the distinguished feature of Japanese houses is a large roof which protects them from all kinds of weather. These roofs are made of tiles called Kawara. All the roofs are sloppy instead of flat.

In early years the walls were made from woven bamboo plastered with soil on both sides. The roofs earlier were made from shingles or straw.

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