What Do You Think Of The Health Care Ruling?


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sansa stark Profile
sansa stark answered
I read this, it's a tax rise on the people and adds to the national debt affecting jobs.
Monica Alzheimer Profile
The Supreme Court's decision to uphold all but one provision in the Affordable Care Act means that for now, at least, one of the most far-reaching overhauls of the nation's health care system will be the law of the land. New rules for insurers that have taken effect will remain in place, while new opportunities to gain health care coverage will begin in 2014.
Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered
This sucks and people don't understand that many details are not seen yet which makes this illegal and unconstitutional especially when our own Government doesn't have to partcipate in this Obamacare junk. I think the Justices need to go back to school for Constitutional Law 101 here as this is so wrong and now Obama will do whatever he pleases as he now knows no one in DC will stop him but trouble over this is yet to come. It won't create jobs and forces many to buy something they can't afford as rates will shoot sky high. This is really bad here.

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