What Will You Do When You Love A Girl Who Is From Another Caste?


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If you love her you will do all you can to keep her, and try to have your family accept her. If they wont well, what's more important to you? You might have 2 choices. I hope you make the right choice.
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Well its a very important question and according to i will discuss the matter with someone very close to me and who has stepped in practical life and then what ever he tells me to do will be my decision. In the case that there is no such person then i will go and talk to that girl directly tell her my problem and ask her what she thinks about it and if she would still like to be my friend or not. Or I'll look into my family if there is any such case and they got married or what happened to their love story.
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Since i love her, I will fight for her to be accepted in my family.
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vijanti dhanji answered
If you're in love with a girl who is not from your cast, then it can be a huge problem. First of all people in Pakistan and India do not react normally to it. They just don't understand the point, where people love each other and want to spend their lives with each other. Its simple, people are selfish, they just think of their own self, they think about the society and the people and wonder what others will think. The point is, it's you who has to spend your life not the people. Do what is right for your love.

If you really love her, convince your family. At first they will not agree to the idea and may even take action towards it, like think of getting you married or engaged. And the same can happen with the girl too. But don't get scared of these things. When you know what your doing is right and that your doing all this for the love of your life and for the betterment of your life, then simply go for it. Later on, you will be asked questions that, will she be able to adjust with the family? Will she be able to take care of your family? Will she be able to follow your family trend? When they ask you all this, just tell them that you love her and she loves you, if you two are together then you'll can adjust in any atmosphere. Don't give up and let go of your love just because she's from a different caste.
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If you love a girl who does not belongs to your caste what should you do? Here the question is this: either she loves you or not. If she really loves you then there will be fewer problems faced by you. If you are in love with her you definitely want to live with her and marry her. Now another question raised here: your parents are not accepting the girl from another caste or her parents are not accepting you? In case her parents are not accepting you and the girl is also interested in you then she can persuade her family very well.

But if your parents are not interested in a girl who belongs to another caste then you should make an effort to solve the problem. First of all realize your parents that good and bad people can be in all castes. If you are rejecting a girl or a boy only on caste basis, this is not good.
You should explain to your parents that she can be a good partner because both you understand each other. So caste doesn't matter and its not a certificate to be good or bad.
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Gillian Smith answered
It's an old saying that love can conquer everything and knows no boundaries.
Because I live in a country and culture that has no caste system ( in UK we have an antiquated class system instead!) I find it hard to understand why it matters but that is basted on my ignorance of the caste system.

I believe that if you true love, respect and care for each other there can be a way to resolve matters but it depends on how you feel about loyalty to your family, cultural background and religion. I believe that we do have similar problems here with our class differences and even religious ones sometimes. However there are many, many successful relationships and marriages which survive through tolerance, respect and understanding.

I hope that your families will support you and accept you both. If not you may have to risk estrangement if you choose someone against their beliefs. I do hope that your families can find it in their hearts to support you.
Definitely I would do all I could do to make her mine and fight the world for her. I would do all that I could to please her family and friends. I would try my best to be able to be worth her expectations, have a good secure job or a well settled life before I ask her hand in marriage.
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If you believe in God, then you should know that love is a gift from God. These castes are all made by man because there is no point of caste in love. Love is a passion, a thought, a great feeling that comes from deep within. If you bring in caste, then the love is just a meaningless compromise.
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First find out if your lover accepts you and loves you with honesty and integrity. Then you can take a step forward and tell your parents that you love the girl. Though parents may object, you will certainly be able to overcome these obstacles by the power of love.

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