What Is The Closest You've Ever Come To Death?


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helen baillie-gutteridge Profile
I was going to say it was when I got very ill and lost 42pounds, but I don't think that's what you are after. We did get blown off a mountain road in a white-out blizzard once, that was quite frightening. Luckily the van landed on some flat ground, swayed a bit and then righted itself. After a while we got towed back onto the road by a passing snow-plough driver, who told us we were the second van he'd rescued within the hour. Turned out the other van was some friends of ours.
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Wow! Amazing and glad you're still around to share your knowledge and insights...
Kk polly
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How scary! And forty pounds! Glad you are alive and safe.
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Robyn Rothman answered
I was staying with my sister and her family last summer, One evening, I was very lucky that my brother-in-law came home from work when he did. I'm diabetic, and my blood sugar took a nose dive down to 21 (80-120 is normal). I passed out, and the next thing I knew I was in the emergency room. If he hadn't walked in when he did, I might have died.
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william howell answered
Would require too much space to answer in detail-will relate briefly,as there are (4)-#1-Locked in ice-box for 1-1 half hr.s as a child-#2-In 2-car collision that killed 3- #3-In tornado at night-large pine Landed on bedroom roof-roof fell to within 1 ft. Of my body-Jagged Limbs penetrating mattress ea. Side of me. #4-came face to face with panther on wooded path in Fla. Walked slowly backwards til it stopped following-more close calls but, this is enough-
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I have no recollection of it, but when I was quite young (19 months) I had developed acute appendicitis/peritonitus as a result of ruptured appendix and had emergency surgery. Apparently it was touch and go for several days.

When I was 15, I broke by back in a horse accident, and by all accounts, should not be living or walking today.
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Janey Tharby answered
I got a blood clot that went to my lung - luckily in hospital at the time! Nowhere near as exciting as the replies though.....
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Every bit as impressive. The ability to realize our transient nature here. And the blessing of having your life sustained ...nearly takes one's breath away again, doesn't it?
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I was Skydiving at Zepherhiis, Florida, and let a friend swap rigs with me, mine was brand sparking new and Totally different and a SUPER light weight custom! I then instructed him that the reserve and main handles were in a different places!
I always pulled low, and had May West! So below 1000 feet and traveling at 156 feet per second, I hit the one shot release, and their by went back into free fall at 12 feet per second per second. Then I went for my reserve handle in the WRONG place twice, then I looked down and remembered it wasn't my rig, and pulled his handle! By doing all this I was head down and looked at the ground and could see flowers plan as day!!!!
I said to myself you stupid #*+#!? This is it! And the reserve opened up and I osculated once and did a stand up landing!! Totally true story!
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Madbiker McMad answered
Just to answer my own question... I certainly haven't been as profoundly close to death as the other answers here (especially you panther-chasing skydivers!), but do recall those times when a slight tweak in fortunes would have made me a goner.

I remember one time, I was around eight, riding my bike in a mini-race and noticing my turn down a side-road at the last second. I took it despite going way too fast, completely on the wrong side of the road, and almost slammed into a car coming up to the junction. Probably wouldn't have been *that* serious if I'd hit it, but it made me feel much more fragile and vulnerable all of a sudden.
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richard dempsey answered
When i was born i was blue coz i couldn't breath, the doc said i was dead then i came back .
Mia Teeliumtrozzle Profile
When I was a baby,I was born 6 weeks too early,with jaundice and a dislocated bone, and I would have died if it wasn't for hospital technology.I had to live in an incubated box for the first month of life,and then I had to be fed special formulated milk.
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When I was 16 i was trying to catch a running bus, my legs slipped i almost fell down, but for one person, he held my hand with one hand all the way for 1 k.m. If he wasn't there at that time, i would have crushed under the tires of the busy & died. Thanks to him.
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Gina Sokol answered
Had open heart surgery and had my aortic valve replaced all because I went to the Dr. Not feeling well. Had a cardiac catheter and went to the O.R. Well that hurt - I felt injured afterwards. Almost 4 years later and I'm still not the same. But hey I'm still alive! I was lucky - always trust your instincts. Listen to your body.
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laura thrasher answered
When i was 3 months old i had open hart surgery ,and the balloons exploded ,the when i was 13 i had astent poot in b/c my vanes were to small 2 pump my blood ,the doc. Seid 1 minit later and i would have died and now i am going 2 be a mother and i'm scared that my baby will have to go thru the same things i did.
When my mom was in labor with me, the doctors told her my heart rate was slowing down.also when i suffered a lung disease
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In 2000 i was in a car accident and i saw my whole life flash before my eyes ....does that count.
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Of course it counts! You had a tangible blessing and so did/do we in your presence here today. I love your screen name.
Madbiker McMad
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It certainly does - how long do you feel that it lasted (or was it really a 'flash'?), and how vivid was it at the time? I guess you had a narrow escape; I hope you're recovered from that, seven years down the line.
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My brother almost died. My whole family took a trip to Colorado. My sister the early bird of the family got up to find the front door of our hotel room open. She told my parents, and they found my baby brother outside in the snow in his pajamas. For the rest of the trip we put a chair in front of the door because it didn't have a baby proof lock. My sister's name is Samantha, which means "listener of God".

As for me I probably could have died numerous times while doing gymnastics and soccer. Recently I possibly had a concussion. We didn't go to the doctor because I kept it to myself. What happened was me and a girl from the other team were both going to head the soccer ball, and my forehead collided with her head. She was fine, but I fell to the ground sobbing. It bruised up pretty bad. The span of the bruise was baseball sized, and it was raised up at least a centimeter. Today I can still tell that my skin is slightly deformed, and I think I have a scar. We applied an icepack to it right away. When I looked up at the sky, the birds looked like they had two pairs of wings. I laughed at myself, that I thought they actually did at first. It's possible I was just seeing like that because of the tears in my eyes though. I was really emotional and moody for a while after, which I know is a sign of concussion. But I could've just been like that, because I found people wanting to see my bruise all the time, specifically my parents, Really annoying.

A few years ago I fell out of a tree. It was tall enough to where I could've touched the roof of my back porch. I was laying on my stomach, because it was a horizontal tree limb, and leaning to the side, picking moss off the side of the limb

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