Are There Any Scientific Researches That Are Going On To Find Proof For The Existence Of Human Soul After Death?


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One doctor placed a message board on the top of the hospital he worked at and when the patients claimed that they had been removed from their bodies while they we're considered to be dead to see if they could tell him what the sign said while they we're having a out of body experience. And just in case he would change the message each day so that no one could possibly tell that one patient what it says before hand. And in a years period of time he had several personal accounts from patients that had died on the operating table and could tell him what the sign says after they had been brought back to life. So that is the closest thing i have heard of in any way proving that the soul does leave the body. But no one truly knows except the one who made us.
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I remember one experiment carried out in the 70s. A dying person was placed on a specially made bed which was in fact a highly sophisticated set of scales and on death the weight reduced fractionally. They argued that what they had measured was the weight of the soul leaving the body. Others suggested that it was air releasing from the body. Others argued that it was too little a weight to be calibrated properly. So the experiment was inconclusive. I never heard any more since then, but i imagine it could be done much more accurately nowadays.
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