Can You Plan A Wedding In 3 Months?


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One of the biggest things to putting a wedding together, is the coordination. If you know how to put things together in an order, then 1/2 the battle is won. You need to figure out what kind of food there is going to be, alcohol, if any, the clothing for the ceremony, needs to be decided, and sized for everyone.
When you decide what you are having for food, you need to make sure that the order is put in, and that it can be at the site of the reception in time, so you want to get this done as early as possible, and call often to make sure they are on top of it. You will need dishes, see to it that they are going to furnish this.
Have the napkins made, and the invitations, definitely make sure that the cake order is in, and very well described if you want something special on it. Let's see, what else am I missing. The music, where is it going to be held, who will officiate the wedding?
The flowers need to be ordered, and the vows need to be gone over if there are going to be special vows. I know it's a lot, but you can do it, you just have to pay attention to it just about every day, and make sure that if you think  of anything else, that you write it all down, because it's so easy to forget something during all the hustle and bustle of all of this. Hope this helps you out, good luck to you dear.
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Thank you for your advice... This should help her out a lot!
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You are welcome, and not to be too shameless here, could you please leave a rating for your friend?
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If you wanting to travel, Gatlinburg is absolutely beautiful and inexpensive (plus great anniversary place to go to in later years) and they will set up the whole wedding for you.  They have wooden cabins can stay in and even cute little wooden chapels with waterfalls just outside for the best pictures!

If you doing local, start calling for locations and reception area's now, those tend to book up fast.  Also flowers can be extremely expensive if you wait till the last minute!  Best is to get an idea on what you wanting to spend and then go down the list in the Yellow Pages and see what's available for your dates and cost.  Going to spend A Lot of time on phone but if spend a few days nailing those big details the others will fall into place.  Besides you need to know the where and when exactly before sending out invitations and want those out soon as you can so family and friends can start making preparations to be there! 

ps...don't forget to register too!  that's the most fun and some guests will want to shop for you soon as they get the invitation!
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I'm not sure what they want to do but I do know it is local they don't have time to plan a out of town wedding... She is pregnant and he is leaving for iraq soon... Like I said I am the maid of honor... Thanks for your advice
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Well that's a very difficult thing to do in my view because a wedding is not just having married it is a decision about a whole life ahead. And considered its preparation, that's a real fun to get ready for a wedding specially when its of someone that dear that make it a fun. Three months can be challenge to arrange a full fledged wedding ceremony because there are loads of tasks to perform, and when its gone ten regret that it was too early might have taken a bit more days.
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Yes i planned a wedding in 4 weeks and was the best day off my life so just go for it and good luck

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