Do You Think That The United States Is The World's Most Interesting Country Because Of Its Many Diverse Peoples, Cultures And Climates/geography?


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I think that the U.S.A. Is one of the most interesting countries, but our history is brief, compared to other places in the world, who also have histories and different cultures, and geologically diverse features. I think the mideast is teeming with variety in culture, tradition and History. Look at the span of Russia, which has so much variety and so many different cultures. The U.S.A. Is just one of the most interesting places, I think.
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Denis Taylor
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I've traveled to Europe, North Africa, Mexico, Canada...even Iceland....and I agree that maybe other countries' history is older and more interesting in that sense than that of the U.S. What's fun about the U.S. though is that because of so much immigration, you can meet the peoples of hundreds of countries without ever leaving here.
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It is also interesting that all of these diverse people came together in two major world wars.  Hitler postulated before WW II that America would be easy to overcome because it had people from so many other countries.  His theory was that the Germans would all be for the same cause, Italians etc.  Americans would not have the same devotion.
Boy, did he get an education!  He had to spend many months in a bunker because the Americans were practically carpet bombing him.  Bombers piloted by diverse pilots made by people from all countries and many by women of all nationalities.
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We do live in a great country.  All the other countries have their own beauty as well.  I especially would love to visit the middle east Israel and go on an excavation in the region.  To visit the place where Jesus was.  That is amazing.  I heard from soldiers in Iraq that there is this place that proves a book in the bible about shadrach meshak and abendigo in the fire furnace still is on fire today, even in the snow! The book of Daniel chapter 3 (Holy Bible) old testament.  It is a very cool story-quite supernatural.
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The only other country Ive ever been in is Canada, and other than the fact that they spoke french and we ate at "LeMcDonalds" It wasn't much different from Michigan. Just in Michigan alone the differences of cultures and geography are amazing. Traveling by car from Northern Michigan to New Orleans exposes you to so many geographic changes its hard to believe you are in the same country. You see the Great Lakes, huge sand dunes,Beautiful forests, vast farm lands, rolling hills that are to become the foothills of the Smokey mountains, The caves of Kentucky, the mighty Mississippi river,  the Louisiana Bayou, and the gulf of Mexico. You can see everything from White Tail Deer to Alligators. Traveling in this country I've seen  Huge White Pine trees, Palm trees, an unimaginable array of flowers in more colors than crayola can  name, I've seen tiny little towns with quaint little tourist traps, and big cities with sky scrapers so tall the get lost in the clouds. I've met people with every skin color there is, and I've heard languages and accents that I couldn't identify, but were intrigued to no end as to where they originated from. I have never been out west, but by the magic of television I know that there is a plethoria of sights to behold out there. Some day I'll have the pleasure of experiencing them first hand. I've crossed hand made foot bridges, one lane bridges that I would swear would collapse under the weight of my car, and the mighty Mackinac Bridge. Ive been on islands and peninsulas. Ive ridden in speed boats, and on ships, and ferries, I've been on an ore ship on lake superior, I've driven  dozens of cars, trucks, motorcycles and 4 wheelers. I've seen tornadoes, hurricanes, thunderstorms, blizzards with snowfalls over five feet,  beautiful sunny days, and clear crisp summer nights. I've spent the night in 4 star hotels, run down motels, cabins, campers, tents and slept under the stars. I've flown 1200 miles just to attend a concert, and flown back home that very night. The variety of experiences you can have by just exploring the United States is enough to keep us busy for a lifetime. I really have no desire to go any place else.
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Denis Taylor
Denis Taylor commented've been BUSY...and what a great answer!! The only thing I would comment on is that there is also a lot of amazing stuff to see and do in Europe...I've been to Ireland, the UK, France, and Spain several times and they are also incredibly interesting places. I love traveling and seeing new places...I get bored with same old same old and I love how no one knows me and thus I have a "clean slate" in a sense with everyone I meet.
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oh... absolutely there are many amazing places other than the US... I cant really comment on them except Id like to someday see some of europe... I have an insatiable curiosity foe medieval scotland.... I want to go there someday and tour the old castles, I know I said I have no desire to go any place else.. that's not entirely true... it's just that there's so much to see here too.
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Yes definitely for these reasons and more. Interesting in what kind of trouble we will get ourselves in next! Interesting in what country we will try to tell what to do to further our own agenda! And finally interesting in how many of our soldiers we will send overseas to die in some pointless war!

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