What Do You Predict Will Be The Most Popular Toy Requested For Christmas?


8 Answers

Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
I'd assume the wii/wii games/x box/or ipod.
Josh H Profile
Josh H answered
Books are #4 in Japan...Forgot what #1 was. Some weird toy lol.
Chinno Profile
Chinno answered
1.an ipod i think alot of kids want.
Jim Witness Protection Profile
The one that every single boy asks for at least once for Christmas - a BB gun! ( This isn't meant to be funny, although it is - it is absolutely true according to the Association of Retailers figures).
nettie Profile
nettie answered
I'll put my money on the bet for electronic toys such as Wll etc, I've already heard request for these toys....the best to you
John Profile
John answered
Depends on what the kids ages are.i'm going with bikes,scooters,skateboards,razors,and as the others have said probably the wii with games you actually jump up and down/run on that pad with.fun stuff.

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