Does Evil Bred Evil?


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I think that is possible but not always the case .
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Not in all situations. Many people get mugged, robbed, and with that evil being pushed on them, they don't go out and do evil things to people. That is only one instance, please don't get upset over it. Lol
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Sometimes yes, it is possible, but not always. For example, serial killers like Ted Bundy came from religious, law-abiding, normal families.
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Parents tend to bring up their children to consider their own morals to be normality. True evil is a very hard thing to judge - was Ted Bundy evil, or just mentally deranged? Was Hitler evil, or just a political opportunist? Was even the monstrous Josef Stalin truly evil, or merely a ruthless dictator wiping out his opposition? Indeed, go back a thousand years (a blink of the eye of time), and what we would nowadays consider truly horrific behaviour was the social norm among the ruling classes.

Then consider time of war. Was 'Bomber' Harris evil for ordering the fire-bombing of Dresden which killed 100,000 civilians? Was Churchill evil for approving that attack?

Then consider religious nonsense. Is someone who is not part of your particular cult evil, and doomed to eternal hellfire? That's what the priests and shamans will tell you, but does it make any sense?
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Madmac asks:
"Was Hitler evil,or just a political opportunist?".....
Erm,hey,I'll take a random stab-in-the-dark guess and say,erm,maybe he was evil after all...? ...He's just had some bad Press,that's all.
I guess that 6,000,000+ dead Jews would have a reliable answer to your question.
Stewart Pinkerton
Typical idiocy from BB, jumping on the popular bandwagon without bothering to engage brain. BTW, despite bigging up by the Zionist lobby, the true figure is nearer 2,000,000 dead Jews. Compare and contrast with 20,000,000 dead Russians in Stalin's Russia. Still, one would hardly expect an inntelligent argument from a Pentecostal Vegan, would one?

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