What Do You Think About Obama's Blatant Racial Remark About The White Policeman Who Arrested His Black College Professor And His Spin Moves To Cover It Up The Next Day?


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Absolutely true. Check the head lines. The 911 caller was supposedly a neighbor. Must not have been a very close neighbor. He was only asked to step outside, after he had shown his I.D., proving he lived there. So then as the police state: At that time we had concerns that it may be a domestic issue. Scuse me, thought you were called out for a break-in? If there had been a real threat of a break-in or a case of domestic violence, he never would have been asked outside, he would have yanked outside. Regardless, Obama had no right to quote on something that occurred at a city/county level.
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Sounded racial to me
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Arthur Wright answered
Double standards. Just because hes the President and makes a mistake and apologizes for it, that makes it all right? Anyone else and they would have been crucified for the remark. He is not above the rest of the people he presides over., and besides his true colors finally show thru. What would he have said had it been a black police officer?
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Hay Dude! That was border line the way I was welcomed home from Vietnam and I know you didn't mean it that way for YOU TOO are a Veteran! "The Head of the SNAKE" fighting Agent Orange!
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Jim Witness Protection
Discrimination is coming home after spending 18 months of Hell in Nam and being called a baby killer, a murderer and worse. And not being able to find a job for a year because you were "one of them and not a long haired, drug soaked peace freak". Where was all the patriotism and support for our troops that you see now?
Glen Thornbury
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Same here and at college the women wouldn't date a veteran! A Small picture in the local section to announce my home coming with metals coming out my ears! NO Respect at all!
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His answer was not racial, it is realistic. Have you ever been intimidated due to your skin color by the police? He answered in truth.
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Jim Witness Protection
The police officer was answering a 911 call for a burglary at that address and asked the man who answered the door to step outside. That's standard procedure no matter what color your skin is. You obviously are taking the "poor me' attitude instead of examining the facts. Even the prez apologized for his racial remark. And I've experienced more predjudice than you will in 2 lifetimes.
Tajsha Shy
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This is your opinion. Which you are entitled to air. As President Obama did.
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The whole thing was a set up. During a state of the union address about healthcare, he rushed through one reporters question to get to a chicago times reported, whom he knew, so she could bring up this incident. Bo bo wants to play the race card to get the negative attention off his insane agenda. Plain and simple.

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