If You Celebrate Easter, How Does Your Family Spend Easter Day Together? Do You Hunt Eggs? Have A Big Dinner? What's Your Family Traditions For Easter?


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Well the last time i celebrated easter was a long long time ago... I was eight... My foster parents has five foster children at one time one being me and another being my actual sister. We had a bunch of land where we lived and we loved "adventures" lol so they would spend hours hiding the eggs all over the fields. And send us away. We'd be gone all day. We'd be worn out by night fall. And it was real fun. I had fun that easter...
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My family dyes eggs ,spend the day together for the most part ,and for dinner we invite almost all the family over for dinner.
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This is my question but I forgot to log in first Duh... My children get up early to go hunt down the eggs that , that bunny stole some time in the early morning...I spend most of the day cooking a big ham dinner, with all the fixing, mash potatoes, gravy, Fresh Green beans, deviled egg, salad, and dinner rolls...we don't head to church, not because of lack of belief, it's just church has never been my cup of tea... But we do believe in God, we count are blessings, and we sit back every year and watch the 10 commandments, it's always been a family traditions....Have a Happy Easter Everyone!!!

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