Where Are You Going To Vacation This Year?


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Well i am either going to my favorite vacation spot in Idaho or i am going to disneyland. In i Idaho we go to red fish lake and we have the same camp spot every year that is right on the small lake and the river and it is very private and very big! But i have never been to disneyland.
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I like travel,so every year i have the plans to somewhere,for instance,this year,my friends and i will go to Jiuzhaigou.Jiuzhaigou scenery is located in Jiuzhaigou County, the ASbe Tibetan and Qiang Nationality Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan Province.As you know, Jiuzhaigou has been crowned with several titles: The World Natural Heritage, The World Bio-sphere Reserve, the Green Globe 21 and The State 4A-Level Scenery. Besides,each site and each image shows something more-the true essence, the spirit, and the magic of Jiuzhaigou.Jiuzhaigou is very beatiful scean,from whichever angle you are.When you are tired of your daily life,welcome to Jiuzhaigou,because  there  cool greenery rests your eyes, running water soothes your ears, the great void revives your spirit and the utter quietness refreshes your hearts.
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carol washington
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The way you describe it, i can feel the sense of peace and rest that would draw you there. That is great to go somewhere in the world and see where a moment in time is held in your heart forever.
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I think am just going to stay here at home and do nothing. But i really want to go to mexico city and visit my family there.
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I was planning to drive over to Scranton ,Pa.and ride the steam trains there and at night catch a Scranton Yankees game (minor league affiliate )
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This year, I'm taking a week off to do nothing and get settled into classes. But next year, I'm taking a Disney Cruise, something between 3 days to a week.
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Belmont Hills Golf Club in Bermuda Islands.
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Golfing is just one option. Also I would love to go to South America either Chile or Argentina to be able to experience skiing vacation.

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