Is It Wrong To Tell People Not To Give You A Christmas Gift Because You Are Not Planning On Buying Any?


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That is because you are giving out of expectation,most people give not to get something in return,they give from the heart and could care less about a return gift,same with cards that people send one another,that is the reason all the joy has basically gone from the holidays......hope this helps
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Then you're giving for the wrong reason.  You don't give gifts in the hopes of getting an equal or better gift.  You give because it's what you want and enjoy doing....not because you think you have too.  A gift is something that you give from your heart, not from the desire of hoping to receive something in return.  When I give a gift, I give it with no expectation of receiving one in return.  It sure makes me feel good to know that I've given a gift and made a person happy......that was my gift from them.....their happiness!
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I understand what your saying. I guess I give gifts from the heart and shouldn't expect the same. It does make me happy to make others happy.
So now you have become the Grinch?  Put your chin up & spend some $$$ and I will e-mail you my Christmas list;okay dear? Lol...♥Nassy
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No, the holiday doesn't have to be full of presents it is about Jesus' birth and each has the right to choose to celebrate Christmas.
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Christmas isn't about presents, it is about Baby Jesus' birth. Also, Christmas is about GIVING not RECEIVING

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