Should The Federal Government Be Responsible For Running The Health System?


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Definitely NOT. If the government can run your health care then they can run your house or take your driver's license away or better yet, NEVER let u have one. I want the government OUT of my household. I can run my business. For the ones, who cannot, then there is healthcare available through many avenues here, in America. We have charity hospitals where one can go for anything...from a gunshot wound to a sinus surgery. Then there are other programs such as WIC that helps mothers provide milk and other goods for their babies. There are many FREE things that our govt hands out; but, all I want is the government OUT of my business and pay believe that I pay ENOUGH taxes for them to bug off.
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Well, I must agree with Gunguy1960...seems we are made of the same cloth. I will earn mine just fine all ALONE and will raise my daughter that way, too. I am much happier when No institution or person is in my face. Above all else, don't tell me what to do on my property or in my house because I don't call 911.
I have to put up with enough bull working for the government and listening to liberal whiners...don't come to my house!!!
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I think the government already controls our drivers licenses... Right?
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MOST definitely Gypcachnc!! The government can do what they want, when they want and the QUICKER our younger generation understands this, the better off we all shall be.
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Hard question.  Our Government would very likely screw it up.  If there were someway we could have it as it is in Sweden, Germany, UK, where all are treated well without cost.  If they don't like their diagnosis, they can get a second opinion.  I have a friend from Germany and it works fine there.  I know it is Socialism, but something must be done.  I've had health issues with and without insurance and either way it sucks, but much worse without.  I've worked and paid my dues and am not expecting a handout, but what to do when a simple blood test is $238.00, now that I am uninsured, (through no fault of my own).  You do without, you don't go to the Dr. Until the problem is too bad to fix.  Recently lost a friend to cancer who was only 48, died of poverty, due to lack of care, cause when she couldn't work, she had no insurance, and was shuffled around so much, no one really knew or cared about her, and now she is dead from something she should have survived, had she had insurance.
A very touchy topic for all of those who answered and for me personally.

We need improvement, and for those of you who say they don't want the government telling them about their healthcare, what about the greedy insurance companies dictating our care now?
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If there going to take it over then i say get on with it so they can find out if it is going to work and keep a eye on all the politicians and hospitals(insurance claims) that are going to have their hands in the cookie jar(lining their coffers) . Then we can see how many billions magically disappear into what's that stuff they use to knock people out in the old days ether.
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Oh, i think so, but here in canada the provincial government runs health care.
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I'm not sure.  One one hand you have the
Government...that is seriously in trouble
right now.  Shouldn't they get their own act
together first, before taking on another job?
On the other  people need help now.  It's getting
so that people can't afford to live anymore and
they can't afford the cost of a funeral if they don't.
I'm not rich enough to pay for health insurance,
but I'm too rich to get Welfare benefits.  I'm on
system now where I can see my doctor, and they
don't kill me with the office visit, but I have to get an
appointment, I can be squeeze in it maybe a month
or even two months.  For anything that comes up sooner,
I have to go to ER.  And that really costs!!
So I'm kind on teh fence.  Will the government give
people a leg up or will it slap them down?
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Keith Old
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Thanks Syron9. It is free to visit ER in Australia. A large part of the cost of visiting the doctor if not the whole cost is paid by the government.
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Yes. The Government of the United States is us. That means you (U.S. Citizen) and I. When people stop giving away their power to BE the government by apathy and remaining un involved and uninformed, they can stop complaining and become "by the people, for the people" the way U.S. Government is supposed to be.

I challenge any of the other users here who are complaining about "them - the government - versus us" get out and do something about it.
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NO.  Unlike midas who turned everything he touched to gold, everything the Federal Government turns S__T.  The fish smells from the head back  and it's no different than our present administration.  This Obama is all talk and nothing gets done. We thought he's be our Messiah, we were desperate for a change from George Dubbau but didn't get it. Why is that everyone I vote for turns out to be a flop. Could it be all politicians are flops to begin with?
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My short answer is yes. If know have to know why. I may post my three page essay that resulted form me trying to answer this question with any depth.
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No No and No lol... They will find a way to pass it that's the way the cookie crumbles but im not for it at all
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I will do my best to not get on my "high horse" and simply answer your question with a resounding - NO!!!!  
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These are the guys who can't even get my taxes right, I don't want them holding the checkbook while the doctor is waiting to save my life. One of the biggest reasons America has such great doctors (note: Not health care, doctors) is because it is a private sector business. If doctors couldn't make such lucrative  amounts of money, there would be less incentive for people to go into that field, and to perfect their craft.

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