Is Adoption An Appropriate Solution For Haiti Orphans?


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The haitians have such an integrated family system, the children should remain with their extended families. We have millions of adoptable children in our own country we don't have to leave our shores if we feel we'd like to adopt a child. Ours need just as much love and security as those from any other country. America first.
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I believe that if you can help someone, then help them. If it involves taking the children of disaster victims into your homes and caring for them, then please do. The whole world needs REAL hero's
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Yes indeed, but there are plenty of American children who need adopting, also, if you are suggesting adoption by Americans.

I was an adopted child.
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My mother was an adopted child as well, Mensan. As you have pointed out....there are children here that need homes and love and someone they can depend on. Adoption is a viable answer to the children left without parents or other relatives due to this horrible disaster.
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I just thought about that when a couple adopted like 10 children...(i think they are looking at how much money the could get for support of them in return) and thats just use children like that...
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That is really a hard question to answer.  Seeing the poor children with their sad eyes and damaged bodies would make anyone weep.  Most especially when so many have nobody to depend on or to care for them in any way.  In such a case the good nature of the citizens of the world comes to the forefront and we want to help in any way possible...up to and including bringing them into our own homes.  But, for the immediate future, money is what is needed so that food, medicine, water and transportation of these things can be furnished  and the bare necessities of life can be supplied.   These are immediate and crisis needs. Sanitary conditions are almost non-existent which means disease will quickly follow.  These are life and death issues for all of their citizens, not just the children.  In time, with some investigative work the status of the children's relatives can be established.  Remember the hurricane disaster in Louisiana.  Relatives were lost from each other for weeks before they were reunited.  Weeks.....and our country still had established methods of communication unlike Haiti who have no viable means of tracking at this time.  We must not rush taking the children from Haiti but we must rush aid to the country so that care is available to them.  This entire disaster and it's resulting trauma is almost beyond the scope of the imagination.  It  will take nations working together to keep the human death toll from escalating daily as is currently happening.  Some aid is available and is not being distributed for fear of riots and the desperation  will only escalate the longer the aid is withheld.  The elderly and the children will be most affected as is common in these type situations.  They are the most vulnerable.
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Hurricane Katrina. I was there. Horrible. But excellent point on the fact that friends/families weren't able to locate each other right away. Had we instituted a "adopt NOW" policy, image what would happen when the family did show up. That would be pretty messy. Having gone through a natural disaster--I can assure you that a sense of stability is vital. Being relocated from your culture is traumatic too.
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I really think that depends on the particular child, and their age as well.  Taking someone out of their native culture can be extremely distressing, especially when they've experienced a recent trauma.  Too much change at once is not good for children.

Take into consideration the possibility that other Haitians may wish to adopt the orphans.  

If anyone were considering adopting an orphan from Haiti because they are desperate to have a child, I'd say this is absolutely NOT the appropriate time to do this.  If they are wanting to adopt out of a sense of helping, I'd wait a bit for things to settle down.  Perhaps distant family members or family friends will assume the care for the child.  It's too early to know what will happen, so I'd say that for NOW, it's probably not a good idea.

If you are wanting to provide TEMPORARY care, that would be a good thing (assuming you live in Haiti or are Haitian).  I just think that taking a traumatized child out of their culture (different foods, language, sights, everything) is not wise.  Give them time to heal a bit before taking them out of their culture.

Donating to charitable sources that provide food/shelter/clothing for them is a good way to help, or if you can--go there and assist in recovery.

Just my two cents, hope it helped.
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It did indeed Adri.
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Very thoughtful answer Adri71!! Monetary donations are what is needed at this time on an immediate basis. Adoption from Haiti can (and does) take years. The process my speed up some due to the emergency situation but I believe a thorough investigation must be made to be sure that some family member would not be willing to take the child.
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Yes......provided there are families willing to adopt them. They will fair exceedingly better than children who are left there with their parents because there is no quick fix solution for the problems of this land. With real effort some progress could be made in perhaps a decade but it will never happen. Because in a year or two focus will fade away and the world will forget them again. So by all means the orphans will find it easier to  assimilate to a new culture than to try and strke out a living in a land burdened with problems.
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The children will fare better if they taken from their parents? Not according to every single bit of research regarding child development. It is ALWAYS in the child's best interest to remain with the parents if the parents are not abusive. Louisiana (some parts) are still in ruins from Hurricane Katrina. No quick fixes there either. Guess we should have yanked up all the children there and transported them to Idaho without their parents huh?
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The situation is so bad in haiti that many of the kids with their parents tonight will be dead in the morning. But I am not advocating that they be stripped from their parents. I just saying its going to be a hell hole for the next twenty years and it just a very sad situation. And kids being taken from their natural parents is the worst thing in the world far worse than I hope you ever have to know. Because I know about this first hand I don't need some study to tell me.
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Yes, It is absolutely. In fact, it would be an appropriate solution for some Haitian families as well. That country is so mismanaged and poor, any solution is appropriate.

I would love to have a couple of the orphans myself.
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Only if or until the parents or relatives can be found to take care of the children.if not guardian can be found then they should be adopted.
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Yes, it will help them a lot for those whose parents were killed in the earthquake. Bring them away from their source of their childhood terror and bring them up from blackness into light. As humans, we should act and be like heroes, and start doing something to help those in need.

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