What Is The Difference Between The Boy Scouts And Congress/parliament?


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Boy Scouts PRAY, The Congress PREY.
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I don't trust either of them.
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Boy Scouts work together, play together, learn together for the betterment of the troop, community.  They are more interested in the friendship within the troop and community than they are with their own personal advancement. They are taught loyalty, honesty and trustworthiness.  A dishonest scout is not tolerated.  The Scout is expected to be of good moral character.    Then there are the others in Congress and Parliament....
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Boy Scouts are honest and have integrity. Congress is everything; but, a boy scout.
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I think the Scouts try to practice respect for one another.
And they're supposed to always be honest.
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Boys scouts is an institution who motivates us towards social welfare and teaches to b discipline.
Whereas Congress/Parliament is a government party. All the people are well known and are liable to run a country in their own way.
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In my view two very different entities. Boy scouts are locally an organization who practices honesty, respect, discipline and their pledge to their country,While congress is a government body who deals with the affairs of the country 
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Keith Old
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Thanks Wilfrid.
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And Congress does NOT practice honesty or respect. It is a downright disgrace that somehow they have no discipline either. Please don't forget that MOST of them end up dealing with their OWN affairs as well and those AFFAIRS are slapped all over the tv for our children to learn about.
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Mostly their age, many Congress people are former Boy Scouts. I don't know about parliament.
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And also the Congreesmen have forgotten EVERYTHING they learned in Boy Scouts.
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I used to be in Cubs. Lots of fun. All the Government cares about is one thing $$$$$. They are not to be trusted lightly.
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Interesting question. I'd say the biggest difference is that the Boy Scouts of America is a privately funded organization, governed by their own rules, and a congress/parliament is supported by taxpayer money and usually have to pander to their constituents.
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All I know is.....neither one of 'em sells Girl Scout cookies !! But I agree with everybody else on the "real" answers.

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