Have We Lost Our Innocence?


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I believe so Keith. It's been a long time since I was born with my innocence. Pretty sure mine's been long gone. It's true, that "Innocence is Bliss". Sure would love to feel "Bliss" again.
To not have to ever feel objectionable, suspicious, distrusting, angry, etc. Would feel so good to me. Unfortunately...thru life's experiences, it's too late to get it back.
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I had always heard the cliche "ignorance is bliss", in fact I recall an English teacher who liked to say "if ignorance is bliss, then you're the world's biggest blister" That was back when teachers could say what they wanted to students. I mean no sarcasm to your reply, in fact I like it and give you a thumbs up
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Your right DeeMarcas. Ignorance is Bliss, is really the saying. I just referred innocence as well, since it feels that way to me too. Thanks for the thumbs up.
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I believe we all still have some innocence in the terms that not all of us know what heaven and hell will be actually like for each person at the end of time.i guess you could call it a world of wide eyed wonder when people try to guesstimate what it's actually going to be up there and down there.in other words there are still things people will never understand and still be curious as to what awaits all of us.in other words we as humans have not even scratched the surface of what God has planned for us or will let us find/investigate/learn about/see in the future and eternity.i guess you could say it's like looking into a mirror with a reflection of you standing  in front of another mirror looking at yourself.their could be so many versions/images of images continuing forever.in other words man still has a innocence about themselves because they are still curious. The problem with some is they become curious with what i call fillers/empty meaningless things to fill the void that only God can fill.
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It really depends on who you hang out with whether or not if you are innocent. To me, innocence is whether you have a clear and clean mind. Not being innocent is where if someone says anything questionable with sensitive humor, you giggle. Anything that you can reply with "That's what she said" to. Example: If you have no idea what "That's what she said" means and have never heard it before, you are most likely clean and clear in the mind and in my POV, innocent.
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Innocence?  This question ISNONSENSE.  It's not relevant any more. This country lost its virginity and became a whore may years ago.
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It has been spent ...
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Both yes and no. Most of the time we try to hide our innocent feelings because we are afraid of the response of society. But it still remains there inside us and comes out in tight situations where we don't have enough time to make stories.
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We have not lost our innocence, we have had it stolen from under our nose.  We have allowed people to offend us with vulgar language and not say anything because our good manner prevented a public put-down of another human.  We have allowed the killing and murder of thousands of people in other countries because we were fearful that our own involvement would not be economically advantageous to our country.  We have allowed our elected politicians to run amok making laws that benefit certain classes of people and not all Americans.  We have allowed this because we are too busy or too lazy or simply too apathetic to do any research to see if they walk the walk and not simply talk the talk.  Our innocence is not lost - we gave it away.

An example of a moral give-a-way was just this week in Dallas, Texas.  Erykah Badu, a entertainer (so some say), stripped naked on Dealy Plaza where President Kennedy was shot.  She did this done in broad daylight and had it videoed.  Badu pulled off this jolting stunt in front of some unsuspecting tourists with children in tow.  She says, "I tried to telepathically communicate my good intent to them, and I hoped they would not be traumatized."  So, she saw the children before stripping naked, she realized the harm she might be doing and did it anyway!!  What a low life human being!  She has no morals and has stolen the innocence from some school children that were there to learn about the tragedy of Kennedy's assination.  Did the Dallas police arrest her?  NO. THEY DID NOT!!  The police claim that they did not wintess the offense which seems like an excuse since she freely admits doing it and the video is posted all over the net.  The city of Dallas should be outraged but apparently other than giving Badu what she wanted in the first place (press coverage), nothing is going to happen to the morally bankirupt Badu.  We as humans have become so immune to the immoral that we do not expect anyone to behave in a moral manner any longer, even in front of our children.  Shameful!
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I Think So.. People Are Self Absorbed.. Cussing.. Rude.. Power Hungry Creatures.. The "Little Man" Is Forgotten.. Girls Make Bets As To Which One Can Go The Farthest First.. You're No One Nowadays Unless You've Lost Your Virginity Before You Are 16..  12 Year Olds Getting Pregnant By 15 Year Olds. It's So Different From When I Was A Teenager.. I Wasn't Raised This Way.. But I Guess Parents Working Two jobs .. Now A Days.. Who Knows
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That is true. It happened to my friend who just turned 12. Well not just now. She and her booyfriend umm... Did it. She told us she was pregnant and I just didn't get it. Pretty soon everyone inschool heard of it even the teachers. However I tried to be by her side. But I don't think I ever believed her in the first place. I told my Mommy about it. She said she remebered her as being nice and friendly. Well I have noticed horrible and new changes in her. So I guess you are right.
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If we are on the path of truth than we can still consider somewhere deep in our heart and soul we got some innocence left there. Although present environment and society don't let such persons to live a easy peaceful life.
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Yes, when our leaders are leaders because of power, control and greed; and we cannot tell the truth because of sometimes terrible consequences; there goes everything.

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