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I haven't read deeply into the new Arizona laws that crack down on illegal immigration. It is the duty of the President and the federal government to police our borders and they have not been doing a very good job of this lately. Hardly anyone in congress have spoken out against illegal admiration, because of fear of being called a bigot or racist.  The reason for this is the civil rights movement exposed the horrors racism. And the holocaust exposed this even more. It is natural for the opposition to the governor of Arizona's policy to call him a racist and Nazi. Which they have already done. I is so strange we get in this debate and forget that these people are here illegally and that is the issue. To call him a Nazi for trying to enforce the laws does not seem fair. I don't think he is a racist. States along the border are especially hit hard by  illegal immigration. I am not fond of profiling but we have to do something about this sooner than later. If someone thinks I am a racist for wanting illegal immigration controlled then I don't care. I went to pay a speeding ticket in court last year and seventy percent of the 200 or so people there were Mexicans waiting to see the judge were there for driving without a  license, and driving uninsured,
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Thanks Socrates63, you make some good points
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Great answer
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Socrates, we seem to share the same pulse when it comes to responses to the political machine! I agree wholeheartedly. My sister has applied for disability after sustaining burns over 40% of her body. She has no money. She is in horrible pain and needs surgery but cannot afford insurance. She noted over 80% of those applying for assistance did not speak english and needed interpretation. They have medicaid and she can't get it! Something is terribly wrong with having anchor babies.
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Profiling can be a useful tool, but like any method of identification, it can be misused.
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I can tell you that as a U.S. Citizen if you go to Mexico the police can ask for your papers at any time and you had best have them! a U.S. Citizen if the police stop you, you are required to have papers (drivers license, insurance etc) so what is the difference in asking the Mexican for papers?  We carry our paperwork with us, why should they not be required to do so?  If they are legally here, there should be no problem.  If they are not legally here, they are law breakers and as such deserve no special treatment.  Is it not the policeman's job to find and catch the people who break the law irregardless if the are Mexican or American or Chinese, etc.??    As it stand right now, we have laws against coming to this country without going through the proper channels and doing the proper paperwork.  We ignore them.  It is only proper that the law be enforced. The Arizona police have been given instructions that they are not to stop every Mexican appearing person they see.  They are instructed to ask for the papers of those that they do stop for a legal reason.  What is wrong with that?  Once again....if you are stopped in Mexico by their police, they will ask for your papers!!
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I am with yarnlady on this one. It can be a very useful tool when it's not misused. I am not sure what you are referring to about in Arizona though. I have seen profiling used wrong in many different Willielad said..being used against younger black people. An example of profiling being put to good when you have those people that work for the government and profile serial killers. I am not sure what they are called...but oh man I watched this movie once and it was about these people that profiled serial killers and they were put in this place to get training and there was really this killer...and I believe it turned out that the killer was one of them...I can't remember the name....but it was a good movie! =)
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Profiling is the act of collecting useful information about
somebody/something so that you can give a description of them.
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It's a dirty word over here.The commissioner of police,had a secret profile done on black youths.
The report was leaked, and it didn't make nice reading.Basically it said most black youths were actually,or going to become criminals.
I don't like them.
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Yea that would cause controversy here too, I'm sure our reports just haven't been leaked yet :)
Merlin Paine
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Yes that type of profiling assumption is wrong.......
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Makes sense to me. If you have a problem with illegal aliens from Mexico, how would you not suss them out without profiling them? Would you really stop Caucasians and ask them if they are legal citizens?
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Caucasians are asked for "papers" if they are stopped for being suspected of doing something wrong. It goes something like "[m]ay I see your license and registration please?"
Zaphod  Beeblebrox
That doesn't really fit into this context though.
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Unfortunately, I believe profiling is wrong because this country is full of power-hungry, ignorant, uniform-strutting cops.  Sorry, I know it seems I am a "cop-hater."  very far from the truth.  I worked in the legal profession for 20 years and heard and saw some horrific racially biased comments from the "right hand of the law."  It is my belief that most men in blue are honorable, peace-seeking individuals.  It is also a profession to which small minded power seeking men and women flock.  It is intolerable in my mind for one "ethnic-appearing" peaceful individual to be subjected to torment and beaten by those who would use profiling as an excuse to take out their frustrations for simply being in the "wrong" neighborhood.  It is surprising how many of one's friends secretly harbor racism.  On the other hand, I see nothing wrong with asking ANYONE for identification if it appears they are engaging in breaking the law.  Someone crawling out of the desert for instance would be a likely candidate for profiling.  I support the fence principle.  Legitimate border crossings need to be built and marshalled with plenty of manpower.  By that I do not mean some guy in the back of his vehicle perched on a hill-top with a shotgun.  We need properly trained and managed individuals to guard and protect our borders.  That calls for money.  Unfortunately, this country doesn't deem the patrolling of our boundaries as a priority.
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As a male women profile me all the time, they assume Ill want sex and a hot meal. Is that fair?

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