Who Is Glad That Bush Is No Longer The President?


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President Bush both farther and son were the right men for this office at that time  President Obama has yet to be tested his leadership in my view is questionable and when prices of everything you want and need go up and up  he will be soundly defeated in 2012
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The Democrats!
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It's a double edged sword for me.... I thought he was a horrible president (I voted for Obama) but it was a lot more fun judging him than it has become losing hope for the current fellow.
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Mark Brookshire
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Its Bush's fault that you voted for Obama. HaHaHa. Its much funner to blame Bush, because he was such a dummy.
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Me.. On Ten Levels..  Weapons Of Mass Destruction>?  NOT..    Bush..  He Has Over 5 Homes.. Out Of Touch With People Out Work
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Bush, I'm glad is gone. So far, Obama has done a wonderful job.  He's  slowly cleaning up the mess bush had made. I hope when his term is up, he be reelected as the president.
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Ruth Campbell
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Hooray for you, Scrooge. I fully agree. We all should take a better look at Obama and ask what are we really criticizing here.

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