How Do You View Elders?


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In the mirror, thank you. Today it's my day, sooner than you think it will be yours. I've used this quote before. "As you are now so once was I, as I am now one day you'll be."  If you're lucky enough to lead a long life HOORAY!,  not everyone lives to collect Social Security. If anything, youth should envy the elderly and pray they survive as long. It ain't bad at all, unless you have ill health. Health is God's most precious gift, without it, nothing has meaning.
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Joe B.
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True words friend.... You may look old but you still have more kick than half the people my age.
I could live to be 200 years old and never collect SSI LOL
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That is surely the Truth.
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suman kumar answered
I give a lot of respect to their words and experience.
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I view them as people. Lol. I just treat them with more respect and listen to what they tell me because they have ben there and done that. :)
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William Harkin answered
I love talking to older people.I'm picking up a few tips,for when it's my turn.I love it when they talk about the "good old days",poverty,wars,and hunger
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Joe B.
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Yea I used to ask about the great depression.... Now I just walk up to anybody and ask LOL
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G'day Bonghit,

Thank you for your question.

Generally, with respect. They have made a huge contribution. My Dad is now 80 so I now have personal experiences with looking after them after he was hospitalised late last year for a few months.

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Joe B.
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Good way to view 'em.... Hope your dad is doing much better these days :)
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Most of them are good to sit down and chat with, but some of them are quite cold, my fav conversation was with an old lady who went to Stanford and harvard and she also went to the march on Washington (MLK)
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That would be a interesting person to speak to, first hand knowledge of a great event. Thanks.

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