Do you believe in life after death? Or do you believe that we are just left as nothing?


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No bcoz if will die then nothing will be change you will be there world will be there universe will be there everything will be as it is only I will be not there.And for the believe in life after death SO when I will die I promise I will tell you.
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Yes I believe in life after death ,though I have no proof.
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I believe in reincarnation... When a soul goes into another body
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I would like to believe the spirit lives on .  But maybe that's just wishful thinking  on my part .
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Chloe Brisco
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Thank you very much i agree i would like to think the spirit lives on thats ther emay be something after life and not just darkness
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I believe in a life after death, and no one can show me otherwise, the only proof i need is in the Bible, it says there is a life after death because the spirit is eternal and it has been shown that the Bible is without error.
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Thank you very much i also like to think at least that our spirit is eternal and there is soemthnig after death (:
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I think you will live again but you just wont know that you lived a last life :)
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I believe there's more to just life after death. God has something much more than we can think of or imagine right here.
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I believe in rebirth , it is an interesting topic, nothing is going to be still , it recycles
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Did you think that we created in vain (for nothing) ? We were created for one thing. It is the worship of God . The life is like a test or exam. For simplicity whoever does good they go to paradise and who does  bad they go to  Hell "So whoever does an atom's weight of good will see it, And whoever does an atom's weight of evil will see it". Surat Az-Zalzalah

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Did you think that we were created for nothing ? If you don't, you have to ask your self why we were we created?

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I don't believe anything happens after you die. Your body decomposes. The world doesn't stop spinning. That's just how it is. However, I am fascinated by mythical creatures/beings and the afterlife crops up in that quite a lot - for example, necromancers, alps, maras - so, although I don't believe that anything happens to you after you die, I like the idea of there being an afterlife.

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