Is drowning really a peaceful death? I told a new friend that my cousin had drowned recently and she told me that drowning was a very peaceful and euphoric way to pass on. Did she just tell me this so I'd feel better about the death or is true?


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She was trying to make you feel better, imagine struggling desperately for air knowing if you don't get it you will die, then when you can no longer help yourself you open your mouth to pull in nothing but water and you begin to drown, then before you die your lungs rupture from the flood of water in them.  Still sound euphoric?
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Well anybody who doesnt of natural causes goes straight to heaven so maybe thats what she meant.
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Melinda Schuegraf
Thanks for your thoughtful answer. A couple other people answered with detailed descriptions of what it would feel like to drown and all. These answers made me feel terrible because of my cousin's death. He died after falling off a ferry in the middle of the night and I have imagined the fear and pain he must have felt for hours at a time. Thanks for having tact and not giving me another reason to replay the scenario in my head.
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I'm really sorry about your cousin. I have actually heard that it is somewhat euphoric because the lack of oxygen can give you a feeling a euphoria. I think she was probably trying to make you feel better but that doesn't mean there isn't a little bit of truth to it. But no way of dying is going to be really awesome. Death sucks in general no matter what kind of bow you put on it.
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My experience with water leads me to believe that you would pass out before you die. I have almost drowned once when I was younger, I became fatigued and sank close to shore in deep water and my lungs were searing from struggling to move with no oxygen, but as I started to get a foothold on the bottom of the sand and was able to inch my way up into more shallow water. I stopped fighting and started to feel lightheaded. As far as my experience meditating underwater, I hit a point where I feel myself starting to slip off into a peaceful loss of conscious, and I know to surface before I pass out. I really don't think your cousin would have been conscious for very long before he would have been overwhelmed by physical exhaustion and slipped off.

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The only way I think it would be better to drown is if burning to death was the alternative.
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They suffer as thgeir lungs fill with water and cant scream because of no air. No its not a peaceful way to go at all. Most heart attacks are quicker and more peaceful

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