Why does my mom blame me for my dad's death?


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Don't take it to heart. You probably remind her of your father so she takes the anger out on you. Just talk it out calmly. Remind her that you are your fathers son
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juan angel
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She acts like she hates me cause of it she trys to kick me out of the house.....
Jamie Parker
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She doesn't at all. My mom blamed my grandmother for my greatgrandmothers death but it was only a stage in the grieving process
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It appears shes taking her feelings of greiving out on you but deep inside she doesnt mean to so dont take this too serious at this time and she will eventually come around and apologize to you for her actions. Sorry about your loss
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This must be really hard for you to take in. I really dont think your mum should be blaming you because your just a human being with feelings as well. This is why the suicide rate is so high. Next she blames you ask her how is it your fault. She is very emotional right now so she probably just wants to let her feelings out on you because your the only person there. Sorry for your loss by the way=(
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She shouldnt blame you or anyone else, it is gods doing...

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