Where is the most vulnerable spot in a M1A2 Abrams Tank?


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If you can hit them then the tracks. However, the abrams was designed great consideration given to the fact that kept in mind. The abrams has a very vulnerable rear if you can hit with good piece of artillery. Most of the few abrams that have been destroyed in the middle east were done so from RPGs blowing apart the engine compartment in the rear of the tank.
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Still the tracks
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Joe B.
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Oh touche' you would be correct for any tank at any time..... I was stuck in another place...... But certainly that would stop them, dead in their tracks so to say....... Guess that's what makes you my G.I. Joe friend :)
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Use mine , heard that belly part is less armored 

Use RPG  to the track, rear or torrent (top side)
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The turret on the Abrams has a double thick plating of depleted uranium, its one of the strongest spots of the whole tank lol
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Its not the side bro , i mean the opening hatch ( consider your self in an elevated position)
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Sorry ,m1a1 abrams loaders hatch is located in the left side, its a tough tank

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