If we shut down the Iranian national bank, Europeans will have no oil. And we would have a problem getting oil. We won World War 2 because wehad everything we needed. We have all the oil reserves that we'll ever need. Why not drill for our own oil?


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A little more than 4% of Europe's oil comes from Iran.  We haven't imported oil from Iran since 1992.  Again, if we want more oil, just pass a law prohibiting the export of oil or oil products from the US.  Big oil companies only want more profits, not to solve any energy problem.  If they produced more oil here, and sold it here, the market would be saturated and their profits would go down.
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Joseph Michael Wasik
The Democrats and Obama aren't interested in the US being oil self sufficient. It's not in their Socialist agenda. What do you think?
Duane Bryant
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Sorry you can't comprehend the point.
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Because since WWII  DC has instilled so many internal watch groups like the EPA, DC cant even turn around without some watch group objecting so things for DC arent as simple as they once were
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Joseph Michael Wasik
Yes. The Democrats are lapdogs of the environmentalist wackos. What do you think?
Joseph Michael Wasik
That, and a number of Republicans, also
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Exactly, nowadays it doesnt matter which party they belong vto, theyre all a bunch of real idiotic morons in DC and doesnt look like itll get better anytime soon which is a huge mistake in itself

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