What are the best and worst things about living in Sweden?


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Well, Sweden is one of the best countries in the world in regards to democracy, equal rights and financial stability. We've got free health insurance, no university fees and in general, Swedish people are quite sensible.

However, Sweden is not a place for dreamers, or people who want to take risks. There's nothing outrageous in this city, we're never up past 11pm on a weekday and we take ourselves way too seriously.

Also, although Sweden values politics, economics and the environment, there is not a lot of space for the Arts. As I said, we're way too serious. And there is a common joke that consists of: Getting the Volvo, house and husband/wife, the 2 kids and going on vacations on the tiny Swedish isles.

We don't really live day-by-day, but think more about how to save properly, what education will give you a "proper" job and how to create a lifestyle that is "just enough" but never more. In Swedish the word is "lagom".

And unfortunately, with recent changes in immigration, Swedish people have become a bit more racist. There's not as much diversity as there is in for instance, London. Not even in the capital of Stockholm. 

Sweden's a great place to settle down in, if you want a relaxed life with family and a good average job.

It's not where you go to make your dreams come true, or to experience culture.

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I think that people always want what they can't have (basically the grass is greener on the other side). Then again the idea of the "perfect life" is different for everyone.

However, I can say that the people that generally don't like Sweden or the culture are those that travel and eventually choose to live in other countries. Also, Sweden has a reputation for being "inside the box". There is a particular way of being over here. Kind of like being a hipster in East London. There's a particular language (or slang), a style and an attitude.

Personally, I think that the people that I've met in my life that wanted "more" were a bit more on the creative and artistic side. And it's also an image thing.

A lot of us have the mindset of sitting on a balcony in the sun, sipping our mocha latte/wine/beer, smoking a Marlboro (just cause you wanna look like James Dean) , listening to some new beat (because you're just that cool), working on a creative project on your Mac and all in all, basking in the awesomeness of your life.

In reality, we're sitting under a blanket cause it's so effin' cold, smoking Mayfairs (cause we're broke) and
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watching gangnam style on youtube.
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I've always wanted to live in Sweden - at least for a few years - so now not sure whether you've put me off or not!
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I never been there, but it's kind of my dream place to be, maybe because of all what we hear about, the democracy, the people are very organised and straightforward, very clean and developed, like good healthcare care system and womand rights are well encouraged.

I would love to go there but I also know that the life is expensive there and the people are very serious.

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