What do you think England would be like now if King Henry VIII hadn't split from the Catholic Church?


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Tough one! Stating the obvious it would still be Catholic (then again a lot of historians argue that despite Henry's break from Rome , England would still have broke their relationship with Rome regardless).

Its hard to say what it would be like , what do you mean by this though? This question can be interpreted in so many different ways. Do you mean what the people would be like, what the policies would be like? ,Or just in general? I think people would be the same in terms of their nature. However there would still be a lot of people who would resent the Catholic Church, although there are Catholics here (I go to a Catholic school) England is mostly dominated by people who claim to be Christians yet never attend a single day of Mass or any other religious ritual apart from the seasonal holidays.

It sounds weird when you think about it, England became protestant because of Henry VIII's need for divorce and the Great Matter. However it was only a matter of time when the Break from Rome was achieved , I conclude that it was inevitable.

English Catholics suffered in Henry VIII's rule, a little similar to the Irish Nationalists and Ulster groups today. Protestants would have gone insane that Catholic rule was allowed. There might have civil war It could happen! It just wouldn't happen, I can't really imagine it. England would have wanted to do what they want without the influence of the Catholic Church , it was already a growing economy and its culture was also expanding. Money would have also motivated the English leaders to part ways with the Catholic Church.

It would be more strict thats for sure. Abortion and gay marriage would be forbidden and resented and how likely do you think it is that English citizens would listen to this? There would be so many restrictions , it may have been a better place if all English folk agreed to Catholic rule and were happy with it, we may have been a lot nice and have more morals. Then again it would cause much more problems than it would provide benefits.

Not an expert but thats all I know and think.

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