I can't wait for the summer! Do you have any fun tips and ideas for enjoying the sunshine with family and friends?


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First of all , I can wait for summer! ( I have exams) . So I'm not looking forward to it but then again it's my last time in school and then I'm off to university! So we need to have fun! I like fun! Not sure about the sunshine over here!

Fun tips:

  1. If it is sunny , you could always have a picnic! I love picnics, you get to eat lovely food!
  2. Beach parties. (I hate them but whatever suits you!)
  3. You could visit some museums! It may sound boring but who says you have to visit a boring museum? Go to the pen museum, you get to make your own pens! Or visit some other fun museums of your choice , there are plenty.
  4. BBQ. The obvious one! It's fun to bring the whole family and friends around!
  5. Summer movie night! Have a week full of back to back old classic movies! (Even better, you can stream it outside and watch it like the old cinemas, traditional!)
  6. Or be boring and go to the park?
  7. Roadtrip! Now that's fun! Go somewhere random and on a whim! That way you won't be prepared, which will make it even more fun!
  8. Camping? Summer camping is fun! Go with your friends and take no luxuries and be sure of that.
  9. Make a movie. Get a hi-tech video camera (or whatever it is you wish to use) and for the whole day or two make a video of all your family and friends doing certain things. You can play it back to them afterwards on the big screen and it'll be fun!
  10. Go to the shopping centre with your friends and note down on small pieces of paper random objects and things. And then put them all in a hat and each of you will need to pick one , once you've all done that, you're in a hurry to be the first one to buy that item and be back at the meeting spot! Or is that too cool for you?

Sorry I haven't got any more.

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Yo Kass
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Thanks for these suggestions, I hope I get the chance to cross them all off my list before the weather turns bad again!
Adila Adila
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Great! 8)
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Kass! The beach is definitely a must in summer, but I will not advise you to
stay soaked in the hot rays for too long! In your quiet time you might want to
keep your smartphone within easy reach and play simple games like this
platformer: https://itunes.apple.com/en/app/electricity-run-game/id963759829?mt=8 or any app of your choice!
I suggest that you check gameloft.com or ea.com for a wider variety! On the
other hand, here is a board that you can refer to for more ideas: https://www.pinterest.com/kphin/summer-holiday/. Hope this helps and do
have fun!

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