Do you think that if the new affordable health care act makes a smooth transition, that the American people will someday embrace a more socialist style government? Not outright socialism, but leaning in that direction on certain issues.


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No, I don't think so. I don't think that a health care act would suddenly cause a complete shift in America's political landscape. Having a more equal and fair healthcare system shouldn't be political at all, it should be something that every country strives for.

I live in the UK, where we have the National Health Service (NHS). In this system everybody contributes towards the upkeep and provision of the NHS through taxation. This system is extremely fair (everybody has 'free' access to healthcare and treatment) and is also cost-effective. In fact the UK government spends a far less proportion of the UK's GDP on healthcare than America or France does.

We've had this system since the 1950s and it's never caused us to have a truly 'socialist' government. In fact, the political consensus has shifted to the centre-right in recent years. Using this as an example, I don't think healthcare reform in the US would lead to socialism gaining popularity in the country.

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Andrea Heatherington
Absolutely Paul, and the pity is it really has no outstanding effects. We, the US, have such high healthcare costs, not because we are handing out free care. It's because the COST of the care is so high. You get minimal care for maximum price.
Paul Wilson
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Part of the problem of course is that private health providers get paid per treatment, not for quality of outcomes. This encourages unnecessary treatments and sucks cash away from where it could do more good. The NHS is far from perfect (abysmal in many areas to be honest!), but managed care at least discourages the monopolisation of resources by the loudest or richest. The US obsession with freedom and choice is the enemy of rational allocation here. All health care will always be rationed, the only choice is whether it is rationed by ability to pay or the total resources available to all.
Yo Kass
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Great point about the rationing of healthcare. Sounds to me like Obama could do with Paul on his speech writing team - all we need to do is get Barrack on Blurtit and taking notice!

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