What are the first 5 words that come to mind when you think "Mediterranean"?


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1. Sea - Well, that one was kind of obvious - the Mediterranean sea lends it's name to an entire region.

2. Cuisine - The general perception of Mediterranean cuisine is that it consist of stuff like fruit, vegetable, seafood and chicken, with ingredients like olive oil, pasta, tomatoes, and other fresh produce.

Whilst this is largely true, I think people have a bit of an overly stereotypical idea of what constitutes "Mediterranean food". 

Actually the cuisine can vary greatly from country to country, and even region to region!

3. Holidays, sunbathing and tanned skin - I think it's hard to think 'Mediterranean" and not think sunshine.

4.  Captain Correlli's Mandolin - Yes, that Nicholas Cage movie where he plays an Italian solider stationed in Greece during World War II.

Let's just say that movie was so bad it left an impression on me. But what could be more Mediterranean than Italian soldiers in Greece? Right?? Look, he even does the "Mediterranean hand gestures":

5. Ice-cream - Yeah, ok it's not exclusively Mediterranean, but still...

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LOL Captain Correlli! 2 friends and I were asked to do the design (interior design / graphic design) work for a new Mediterranean restaurant opening here except so far we haven't been told much other than "Mediterranean" which is very broad.. waiting to meet up with the owners but thought I'd brainstorm some ideas in the meantime..
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Sunny weather, Beach, the combination of Tomato, olive oil, herbes and pepper (I don't know why), and maybe summer. Welln it depend on people.

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