Was George W Bush a better President than Obama?


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How many planes hijacked by terrorists plowed into skyscrapers on US soil since Obama has been president? 0

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This is such a touchy subject. It depends on who you ask. I personally like Obama better. I'm not saying that whoever likes Bush better is wrong nor am I going to argue about my side or against anyone. You can ask me why I like Obama better and I'll give you reasons, but I just think that political things are really sensitive and isn't worth arguing about unless you're running for office.

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In my opinion, Obama is worse, but Bush sucks too. Soo..

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Dances With Wolves
I am Moderate Democrat never voted for Barack Obama , i never liked his cocky attitude with his debates with Hillary Clinton and i supported Romney and McCain both times Obama ran for US President . As far as George Bush i believe he didn't do much for the USA and I think he stole the election from Al Gore .

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